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Writing in Color Black History Month Voices 

Writing in Color

Exclusivity in literature should not be tolerated since the very essence of writing literature is freedom. Therefore, to be exclusive in writing is ironic in itself; Anyone can write whatever they want, any way they want, but should it truly be this way? BIPOC authors have raised eyebrows while the readers of the community sigh in exasperation at recurrent color fetishization in literature. The need for the words coconut, honey, caramel, chocolate, and coffee to describe a character of color in a story is still a mystery in mind as…

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Black History of Montreal Black History Month 

Black History of Montreal

In honor of it being Black History Month, I figured why not learn more about black history in our city? We tend to often learn about black history in the U.S. while we remain completely oblivious to the rich cultural heritage of the Black community in Montreal. It is important to use this month to celebrate black achievement and resilience In the late 18th century, numerous black immigrants from the West Indies and the United States arrived in Montreal’s Little Burgundy borough when racial segregation was outlawed in Canadian law…

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