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Your Valentine

I love you for a lifetime, Not just only for a day. I love you for who you are, Not just what you do or say.   I love the way you love me back, So there is only one thing I have to say. I love you with my heart and soul in every way, So will you let me be your valentine not only for one day?   By: Michelle

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missin’ you Uncategorized Woo The Insider 

missin’ you

I still think about you wherever I go. It drives me insane even at my low  You are the reason why I’m still at my best. Even if it means leaving all the rest I might have a lineup and you are still my number one priority  I guess That’s what’chou call fidelity. I didn’t cheat on you I just needed my space.  Even if my mind was completely e-rase the feelings of you is still the same.  I wish I could see you once aga’n. I hate it when…

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Friends Woo The Insider 


The praises of beauty flowed through How slowly and beautifully I cried too While I was thinking our past present future You were thinking you the earth And I the moon   I think sometimes Whether it is the right place right time But this time is also a time Where I would recall the bond Between nickel and dime   These memories of the past And fabrications of the future Are nothing more than the daydreams of my present   I lust for entanglement You confuse in bad judgment…

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