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Your Valentine Woo The Insider 

Your Valentine

I love you for a lifetime, Not just only for a day. I love you for who you are, Not just what you do or say.   I love the way you love me back, So there is only one thing I have to say. I love you with my heart and soul in every way, So will you let me be your valentine not only for one day?   By: Michelle

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missin’ you Uncategorized Woo The Insider 

missin’ you

I still think about you wherever I go. It drives me insane even at my low  You are the reason why I’m still at my best. Even if it means leaving all the rest I might have a lineup and you are still my number one priority  I guess That’s what’chou call fidelity. I didn’t cheat on you I just needed my space.  Even if my mind was completely e-rase the feelings of you is still the same.  I wish I could see you once aga’n. I hate it when…

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Friends Woo The Insider 


The praises of beauty flowed through How slowly and beautifully I cried too While I was thinking our past present future You were thinking you the earth And I the moon   I think sometimes Whether it is the right place right time But this time is also a time Where I would recall the bond Between nickel and dime   These memories of the past And fabrications of the future Are nothing more than the daydreams of my present   I lust for entanglement You confuse in bad judgment…

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My Beloved Woo The Insider 

My Beloved

I’ve never imagined that there can be this day. A day that love will find its way Out of my heart and into your soul. These feelings I have are beyond my control.   All my life I have waited so patiently For someone like you, so beautiful, so caring. Words can’t express the way I feel. These feelings toward you are all for real.   You are the reason why I go on. Nothing can separate this special bond. This heart of mine is reserved for you. Forever it…

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My Sweetheart Woo The Insider 

My Sweetheart

The sun wouldn’t shine If it weren’t for your love. From afar, Every star Would fall from up above.   You’re one of a kind, You’re unique and beautiful. And forever, We’ll stay together, Just you and me.   I am glad you’re mine, For you brighten up my world. It is a joy To just enjoy The time spent with you.   A glass of wine Could not be sweeter than you. For all my days, I’ll forever praise All the lovely things you do.   Till the end…

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Flowers For You Woo The Insider 

Flowers For You

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Your love is beautiful, And so are you.   Orchids are white, Ghost ones are rare, Lustre is silky, And so is your hair.   Sunflowers reach, Up to the skies, The sea is light blue, And so are your eyes.   Daisies are enchanting, Daylilies are endearing, Your love is a gift, And so is your smile.   A flower is beautiful, Just like you.   By: Ashely S.  

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The Money’s Servant Woo The Insider 

The Money’s Servant

There she is. The star of New York City’s talk is walking into the building. However, she’s not alone. She laughs under her breath quietly as boy #4 of the week whispers something into her ear. She’s laughing yet, her green eyes aren’t reciprocating the same. Her black hair is still shining as it was when she had left 3 hours ago. Even though her lipstick is smudged, her makeup is still flawless. Additionally, she makes all the expensive furniture in this room look faulty. She truly is a piece…

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I’m Falling in Love Woo The Insider 

I’m Falling in Love

I fall in love every day.   I know, a bit much, right? But seriously, it’s true I woke up the other morning and fell in love With the streaks of watercolour paint in the sky Reminding me that the Creator is an artist I fall in love at the rhythm of raindrops And at the pace of an acorn becoming an oak Slow but steady, without rushing it, but with strength Appreciating every bud and branch   I grow in love with the grass in springtime, Fall for the…

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First Valentine Woo The Insider 

First Valentine

As we watch the sun go down, I want to let you know, my love for you is forever; I’ll never let you go. You’re the one I’ve been searching for, the one I’ve finally found; without you in my life, my world wouldn’t go round. The love you bring into my heart, which is so true and kind, is something in no other I could truly find. Today isn’t just an ordinary Valentine’s Day. It’s all about me and you, about the love we share, and how it will…

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