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The praises of beauty flowed through

How slowly and beautifully I cried too

While I was thinking our past present future

You were thinking you the earth

And I the moon


I think sometimes

Whether it is the right place right time

But this time is also a time

Where I would recall the bond

Between nickel and dime


These memories of the past

And fabrications of the future

Are nothing more than the daydreams of my present


I lust for entanglement

You confuse in bad judgment

I only think of the present sweet sweet lewd

But you with the enlightened mood

The future now conclude


Half full glass of mine

And half empty glass of yours

But you seem to forget that we’re the same

Originated from the bottle on the frame


I care not for the hurt to come

You are the present I desire

where the hurt is from


If I told you I wish to rewind the past

I doubt you were recast

Because you worry

Of things that might hurt

and things that might not last


By: Emma Chen

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