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Woman And Domestic Violence Vanier Alumni 

Woman And Domestic Violence

“You came first in my class when you were my student,” types Keller to Coco on her Huawei smartphone via WhatsApp. “You have many strengths. Have confidence in yourself and be determined to improve your situation,” continues Keller. To end the conversation, Keller adds, “But you are smart – you sought the help of social workers. They can help you.” It has been years since Coco last met Mrs. Keller. She used to be the class prefect in Class 7D. To be a prefect, one surely needs to be strong…

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Achievements of Computer Science Students at Vanier Campus Student Success 

Achievements of Computer Science Students at Vanier

Computer science students at Vanier have competed in events such as The Morgan Stanley Hackathon and the 2023 Warhacks Concordia Hackathon and have won 1st place in both events! Morgan Stanley Hackathon 2022 In November 2022, second-year Vanier computer science students won first place at the 2022 Morgan Stanley Hackathon event held at the Palais des Congrès. The second-year computer science students are: Kaolin Stacey, Jeffrey Juan Grospe, Md Saqliyan Islam, Phuc Nguyen, Amanda De Rosa and Tommy Rivard. The team representing Vanier, had won first place for the non-profit:…

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A State of Dysphoria Voices 

A State of Dysphoria

According to the date on this issue of the Insider the year is 2023, a time in history full of scientific innovations and supposed progressive societal change; so how is it possible that our society still manages to be so unbelievably stuck in the past?  How is it that so many people derive some twisted sense of duty in forcing others to live according to their rules? People claim to advocate for the protection of important rights such as the freedom of self-expression and the freedom of speech for all,…

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Why Holocaust Awareness Is Just As Relevant in 2023 Social Justice 

Why Holocaust Awareness Is Just As Relevant in 2023

Antisemitism is defined as hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people. The Holocaust was shown to be the most extreme example of antisemitism ever to occur, resulting in the persecution and murder of six million Jews by Nazi Germany. However, violent antisemitism and hatred did not end with Nazi Germany’s defeat. Antisemitism has been on the rise, and it remains a critical issue today. The Holocaust was the most profound expression of antisemitism. Antisemitism has endangered and continues to threaten the safety of Jewish people and communities worldwide. Like all…

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Antisemitism Social Justice 


In recent years, Jews around the world have experienced an eruption of antisemitism throughout their communities. Alarmingly, there is rarely a day that goes by without hearing of an incident involving either a physical assault, an antisemitic slur or even sometimes deadly attacks targeting Jews somewhere in the world. In the backdrop of this climate of hatred directed at the Jewish people, how can we as a community and as a society, help shape this world to being a more accepting, safer place for people of all religions, backgrounds and…

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VCFSA pops at P.O.P. Campus Student Success 

VCFSA pops at P.O.P.

The Vanier College Filipino Student Association attended the Pinoys on Parliament event in Ottawa, from February 24, 2023 to February 26, 2023. It is a three-day national youth leadership conference for Filipino/a/x-Canadians that happens every year. In this event, the VCFSA was able to network with Filipino/a/x-Canadians all around Canada and learn new skills from workshops led by leaders of various fields such as politics, government, business, arts and STEM.  The first day marked the opening of the event where we were able to meet and have amazing conversations with…

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Overlapping perspectives: Looking into Amita Handa’s Hall of Shame: Lies, Masks, and Respectful Femininity Women's Month 

Overlapping perspectives: Looking into Amita Handa’s Hall of Shame: Lies, Masks, and Respectful Femininity

It is deep-rooted in mainstream media (e.g., movies, television, news, etc.) that many girls and women from different parts of the world still face discrimination, stereotyping, and prejudices. However, the problem lies in how our society immediately attributes these overlapping issues to only one absolute cause. It is not enough that our society stops at simply defining and recognizing such issues as gender-related. For instance, whenever someone tells you about blonde stereotypes, we simply agree that they are gender-based stereotypes. When we read about freedom of bodily expression and movement…

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End the Violence Features Women's Month 

End the Violence

For as long as most of us remember the indigenous population of Canada have constantly been suppressed by the police, medical centers, educators, the general population, and all together our own government. I think we can all agree it is about time we put a stop to this outrageousness. The week of March 6th, more precisely International Women’s Week, was celebrated at Vanier College with over 15 events speaking about how we can help promote a change in our society as well as be good allies to the minorities experiencing…

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Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo Features 

Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo

Throughout history, women banded together and fought for their societies’ rights in countless human rights crises, like the Algerian resistance, Iranian women (Woman, Life, Freedom), Black women and the civil rights struggle in the United States, and so did women across Latin America. Early in the 1970s, crimes against humanity were committed in South America under the pretext of a “National Reorganization Process,” attributable to state terrorism. A grassroots human rights organization called the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo has fought and is still fighting against the oppression and…

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VCSA Executive Council Elections 2023 Campus 

VCSA Executive Council Elections 2023

The VCSA Executive Council Elections 2023 are currently underway. This is a chance for you, The Vanier Students, to nominate yourselves to be part of the VCSA Executive Council, which is the only representative for the student body at the college.  The positions that are available for the VCSA Council Election are: The officer positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer. The Executive Council coordinator positions: Internal Affairs Coordinator, Academic Affairs Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Clubs Coordinator, and Community Coordinator. The Nomination period will begin on Friday, March 31 and will end on Monday,…

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