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There is a Monster Under My Bed Vanier Alumni 

There is a Monster Under My Bed

There is a monster under my bed And I shout and scream at it And I beat it with a stick There it goes under and out of reach Mum says I am being too noisy Doesn’t she hear the monster growl? Doesn’t she see its ruby claws? Mum’s eyes were all scratched out The monster shakes the bed from under So I plant a knife through it So I pull a bloody knife from it The monster goes all quiet Mum says I am scaring her But she can’t…

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Noyée dans la neige – La goutte d’encre Vanier Alumni 

Noyée dans la neige – La goutte d’encre

Je me dépêche à vivre. C’est cela qu’il faut selon ce que les adultes m’ont toujours dit. Le temps file. Je ne veux rien gaspiller. Je ne peux rien gaspiller. Les secondes défilent. L’horloge rôde au-dessus de ma tête comme des nuages qui annoncent une tempête de janvier. Je me hâte à étudier. Cela est nécessaire pour bien vivre selon mes enseignants. La connaissance libère. Je ne veux guère caresser mes chaînes. Je ne peux aucunement me permettre un moment pour respirer, si je veux conserver ma liberté. Un. Je…

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A new Hellboy Film in the works, but it’s not Hellboy 3 Vanier Alumni 

A new Hellboy Film in the works, but it’s not Hellboy 3

Before we dive into it all, I want to say that Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy would-be trilogy was one of the very first superhero films I saw. I was 10, and going to friend’s house to watch it in his basement without my parents knowing (as it was PG-13) was one of the most thrilling experiences in my life (as a 10 year old anyway)…   I absolutely loved the character and the whole aesthetic linked to the world of the B.P.R.D. and Hellboy. Both Del Toro and Perlman (who…

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The Double-Edged Stigma Faced By Western Animation Vanier Alumni 

The Double-Edged Stigma Faced By Western Animation

Animation as a medium has faced several hardships that are still prevalent today, which proves to be frustratingly ironic, as franchises like Looney Tunes were made with adults in mind, but were watered down to appease the kid-friendly crowd over the years. It has a difficult time being taken seriously and is often dismissed as an alternative for babysitting. For an extra layer of humiliation, it is often regarded as its own genre, even by apparent professionals like the American Film Institute, implying that it is unable to stand with the likes…

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A Review of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver Vanier Alumni 

A Review of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver

Edgar Wright’s new action-comedy Baby Driver might not be a perfect film, but it certainly comes close to being one. The film follows the story of Baby (Ansel Elgort), a reluctant and extremely talented getaway driver who listens to music at all times due in part to ear damage imparted during a car accident when he was a child. He embarks on quest to leave the crime business and along the way, develops a romance with a young, sweet waitress named Deborah (Lily James), whom he tries to protect from…

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Healthy Habits for a Successful (First) Year Vanier Alumni 

Healthy Habits for a Successful (First) Year

As human beings, we are creatures of routine – and unfortunately, the bad habits are the easiest to create. The semester is still young, but many have already derailed their motivational train off of the tracks on which they had set out. This journalist, for one, certainly finds herself buying breakfast and ice cappuccinos more often than intended. So let us take a step back to reflect on the past month; what do you wish you would’ve done less? Procrastinating, skipping workouts, running late…? Many of these boil down to…

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