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Being Smart About your Scare: How to be Sustainable this Halloween Voices 

Being Smart About your Scare: How to be Sustainable this Halloween

As children, October’s arrival meant but one thing: Halloween. We counted down the nights, and had been working on our costumes for months on end. Oh, and the candy wasn’t bad either. However, nowadays, the only scary thing about Halloween is the carbon footprint it leaves.

Costumes play a significant role in the increase of damage to the environment. That shiny new costume you’ve had your eye on is not the best option to go with, as it was probably mass produced, thus damaging the environment. This Halloween, consider making your own costume by thrifting items and/or making them yourself. In addition to being more sustainable, you will bring a level of originality and hard work to your costume, which is more satisfying than picking something off of a shelf.

Candy is also a leading cause of Halloween’s detriment to the climate. After all, what is Halloween without candy?

Homemade treats can be a sustainable, and all the while tasty, alternative. Fan favourites, such as cookies and Rice Crispy treats can be made using your own ingredients, and packaged in an ecological substitute to plastic.

There are, however, faults to this plan.

Most parents will not feel comfortable allowing their children to eat candy that has not been packaged and sealed in a manufacturer. Therefore, the former suggestion will only meet success with close friends and neighbours with whom there is trust.

To cater to families from other neighbourhoods and those whom you may not know very well, locally sourced, fair trade candy is the way to go. With this type of candy, the packaging is secure, and there is no cause for concern among uneasy parents. Also, most local brands wrap their products in environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic and foil; it is a win-win.

Halloween is an exciting time of year for children, as well as most adults. Even with the impending climate crisis, there are many ways to enjoy the festivities without contributing to it.

By: Valentina Tsilimidos

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