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Untitled Poems

Poem 1


Whenever someone turns

The lights on


Why do I constantly seek

These dark shallow surroundings

I want to see

Feel the things light

Does not permit

Not void

Not emptiness

But the serenity

That these ominous beings give me

I do not feel pain

Around them

Or fear

Not even as they creep


And closer

And closer

Come to me

In trance

They put me there

And dance

To that sweet melody

The one that plays

In the background

As you eat me

As you slice me


Raw newness

Of clarity

When the reaper

Comes to collect



Poem 2


Why wonder

When it comes down in front

Of your eyes

When all you see is It

And all It seeks is you

Why wonder

When you know that thing has come

For you

And all endings, you’ve learned,

End the same way

Why wonder

When your time has come

If you did everything right

All you could do

Why wonder

What It will do to you

When you’ve seen It

Kill so many others

Yellow eyes

Full of envy, greed, wrath

Blood spills out of its

Monstrous mouth

Runs down its sleek neck

Onto the surface of the gleaming wooden floors

Pooling at your feet

Shaking and begging the ground

Not to tilt

And give way to the abyss

But this is futile

Why wonder what might have been

What could have been done

How you could escape

When you’ve know all along

That I have come for you

And only you


Poems by: Shanny Lopez

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