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Halloween, Education and Charity Features 

Halloween, Education and Charity

If you were to describe Halloween in one word, which word would come to your mind? To many in the West, words such as “trick-or-treat” and “best costumes” may pop up. To local people in Germany, they would think of “Reformation” and “Martin Luther”, for the 31st of October is, for them, a day to commemorate Martin Luther and the “Reformation” of the Christian Church. However, would it ever occur to you that words such as “education” and “charity” could be connected to Halloween? For some, for example, in Montreal,…

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Suburbia Uncategorized 


Should you go walking out at night, you may find yourself at a crossroads. Though the streetlamp may shine above, it will do nothing to help illuminate your decision. Should you go left, you’ve already made a mistake. Walking down the open maw of an unfamiliar street, you’ll find houses lined perfectly like rows of teeth. All of them, as clean and polished as the next one. They are identical, of course. Trying to find something that sets them apart would be like distinguishing two drops of water. In short,…

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Soul cleanse Uncategorized 

Soul cleanse

Lies twist your mouth, contort your face, and stain your soul. “Thou shalt not bear false witness”, I kept repeating like a mantra. Lies sully, defile, and taint the person that is fooled by your treachery. Tears stained my cheeks as I continued: “Thou shalt not bear false witness!”  Lies should burn a mark on your forehead for the world to see, branding you to remind the world of your deception. But they don’t. Not in this world. Lies are nothing but a mere inconvenience. Everyone seems to get away…

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Managing a Socially-Distanced Halloween and Its Discontents Campus 

Managing a Socially-Distanced Halloween and Its Discontents

As Montreal is currently a red zone due to a surge in COVID-19 cases, the Québec government’s new guidelines stipulate that private gatherings are strictly prohibited. While changes are happening every day, one can’t help but wonder what will be happening to Halloween this year. Will small gatherings be allowed in open spaces? Will a limited number of people be allowed to meet up at a private residence? Will children be allowed to go trick-or-treating? This isn’t the first time that traditional Halloween plans were met with unforeseen circumstances. In…

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Being Smart About your Scare: How to be Sustainable this Halloween Voices 

Being Smart About your Scare: How to be Sustainable this Halloween

As children, October’s arrival meant but one thing: Halloween. We counted down the nights, and had been working on our costumes for months on end. Oh, and the candy wasn’t bad either. However, nowadays, the only scary thing about Halloween is the carbon footprint it leaves. Costumes play a significant role in the increase of damage to the environment. That shiny new costume you’ve had your eye on is not the best option to go with, as it was probably mass produced, thus damaging the environment. This Halloween, consider making…

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