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I live in a box

I’ve adapted to all its edges

Taking its form

I am trapped in its shape,


In here, I am safe,

Yet alone

Solitude so bitter

I am stone cold

I am tired of holding myself together

I want to break free,

But I do not want to shatter,

I want to melt

So I long for a warm embrace

To render me shapeless


I am that person you never see

As if I had a talent of invisibility

All I want is for someone to see me

Perhaps, that will never be


If I were to break

But no one was around to see

If I were to scream

But no one was around to hear

If I were to disappear

But no one came to look for me

Do I still exist?


Leave, is all people do

Believe, is all I do

I don’t know what is real,

Nor what to feel


We’re so cold inside that

We get good at breaking ourselves

Then we try so hard

To put those broken pieces

In places they do not fit

We try to make people care because

We want to feel needed and loved

And that’s how we hide our pain,

We create more of it


Think about it


Can we really say we love flowers

If we pick them up just to let them die?

Is it really love if we never really care

Because all we do is see

But we never really look


Sometimes we just love the idea of a person or of people based on what we see, but we don’t really know what’s beneath the surface.


Poem By: Alyssa Kate Angeles

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