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Sweet Mango Pie Arts 

Sweet Mango Pie

Swimming in purple water makes me giddy
The hippos laugh as i giggle and scream
Posteriously producing bubbles that froth and foam
Start spinning up around my head
Its sweet perfume intoxicates me so

As I splish and splash on the hippos back
My thoughts turn to gumdrops and sweet mango pie
Made from baboons with big yellow eyes

As i turn to my left i see a crocodile there
Holding a mirror and brushing his hair
And since he was busy i looked at a snail
And thought it would be better to go ask a whale

“For where can i find sweet mango pie
that lifts me up so high in the sky”
“Jump in the pouch of kangaroo Joe
and hoppidy hoppidy hoppidy go ”

Then out of the pouch i thanked him merrily
Turning to my right i gave him a strawberry
He said to the hills of pink fluffy pillows
You’ll find the home of six armadillos

So off i went as fast as i could
With feet in the air and on hands i stood
Marshmallow fields went by so quickly
That my feet and my nose began to be prickly

i saw a stout gnome across the path
smoking a pipe and taking a bath
“Where can i find sweet mango pie
made by baboons with big yellow eyes”

He clubbed me hard and he clubbed me good
Which i actually thought was rather rude
So he danced all the way with me on his back
To pineapple pond where an ingredient he lacked

I looked up above and to my great surprise
i saw those baboons with big yellow eyes
Then gut cleaned like a big ugly fish
Only to end up on somebodies dish

And now i know that sweet mango pie
Is only made from fools like i


Written By: M.

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