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Alone, Free & Safe Arts 

Alone, Free & Safe

If I can stay here forever. Months and years passed and nothing has changed. I met a lot of people and tried to find in them that missing part of me. I am here again, sitting in front of the same place, with my bag and no one beside me. I am still in the same place and nothing has changed. I still find peace in my loneliness and nothing else but my loneliness. Too many voices around me, warm hearts and people who love me. But I love them enough that I can carry all their warmth with me and live with it without their presence. I love all the people in my life, but I love my loneliness more. I love it’s peace, it’s silence. I love how I get attached to it and it has no power to hurt me. I love living alone. Observing people from far away. I love to see them happy. I love to listen to their stories but I will always listen from far away.


Written By: Lara Kaafarani

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