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Taylor Swift Vanier Alumni 

Taylor Swift

“He said the way my blue eyes shined” Was the opening line to her favourite song Boy, it takes me back. “Love Story” used to be our song We danced every time it came on Can’t believe what it could have been I can still see her every time I close my eyes Back to those beautiful summer times But now everything has changed   We used to be so happy and so in love You were the queen that turn me in your king I never thought we were…

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Deep End Arts 

Deep End

Again! Again! Childlike, the voice softly echoes in my ears As I walk by the ghostly lane. Autumn breezily peeking in.    Seasonal depression lurks As the leaves placidly fall. The faceless child runs up to me. Wrinkling my leather jacket As she clings and hovers around me.    Again! Again! Filled with conflicting emotions. I crouch down by her,  In her eyes glass-like. filled with ambition.  I see my reflection   Oh to be a kid again, Not caring about tomorrow, running around Aimlessly,  Pure joy- Joy.  When was…

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