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SPC Card: A Good Deal for the Avid Saver Features 

SPC Card: A Good Deal for the Avid Saver

     If you’ve been outside sometime in the past few years, you may have noticed the ads for the Student Price Card (SPC) being accepted at various restaurants and retailers. What is this card? Is it worth it? Here’s how it works: the SPC is a discount card, giving students discounts at stores like The Gap and Nike, and food joints like Pizza Hut and Jack Astor’s. The card costs $10.50, but discounts start at 10-15%, and can, on some occasions, be as high as 25%. Where can one find this card? The VCSA office (C-214) sells them, and they can be found online at BMO also provides cards to all their student customers for free. Is it worth it? If you do the math, the SPC card is worth the $10 investment if you know you’re going to spend more than $105 at the SPC retailers this year. You can check the website,, for the full list to see if the places you would normally shop or eat at offer a discount. Bottom line: if you’re looking to save, the Student Price Card pays for itself rather quickly and, depending on where you shop, you could save quite a bit of money to put towards your next night out, trip, or textbook.

Written By: Ben Stix

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