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Celebrating the Holidays How Do You Celebrate Your Holidays 

Celebrating the Holidays

During the holidays, my family and I celebrate Christmas. We decorate the house with Christmas lights and put up a Christmas tree. I always go Christmas shopping with my friends and get a bunch of presents for everyone.  When I go Christmas shopping with my friends, I always buy their gifts before I go shopping with them, so that way it’s a surprise, and they don’t know what I got them for Christmas. I get presents for my dog too. I love my dog, and for Christmas, I buy him…

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Favourite Things To Do Over the Holidays How Do You Celebrate Your Holidays 

Favourite Things To Do Over the Holidays

To me, the holidays are filled with gingerbread houses, eggnog, Christmas movies, and presents! For the holidays, I love to decorate my Christmas tree with Christmas lights and tons of ornaments and put-up Christmas stockings for everyone.  My little sister and I love making gingerbread houses. We use so many different candies to decorate our gingerbread house. We use gummy bears, candies canes, sour patch kids, skittles, etc. I sometimes use the marshmallows from the “Lucky Charms” cereal and use icing to decorate them onto my gingerbread house. We also…

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Faith, Family & Food How Do You Celebrate Your Holidays 

Faith, Family & Food

I have been dreaming of this moment for weeks. As my mom clicks on the “Buy Tickets” button, joy and apprehension mingle in my heart. Is everything going to be okay? Will you be there on time? This Christmas, my parents, sister and I are flying to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to visit our family. We were supposed to go last winter, which turned into last summer, which turned into this Christmas (for reasons obvious to all!). And finally, the tickets are bought! I jump with excitement as I imagine my cousins,…

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