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Celebrating the Holidays How Do You Celebrate Your Holidays 

Celebrating the Holidays

During the holidays, my family and I celebrate Christmas. We decorate the house with Christmas lights and put up a Christmas tree.

I always go Christmas shopping with my friends and get a bunch of presents for everyone.  When I go Christmas shopping with my friends, I always buy their gifts before I go shopping with them, so that way it’s a surprise, and they don’t know what I got them for Christmas. I get presents for my dog too. I love my dog, and for Christmas, I buy him new toys and treats. 

During the holidays, my grandparents come over and spend Christmas with everyone, and one of our favourite things to do is watch Christmas movies while wearing our ugly Christmas sweaters. Our favourites to watch are “Jingle All the Way” and “Deck the Halls.” 

The ugly Christmas sweaters are actually gifts from my grandparents. The funny part is that my grandparents insist that everybody wears their ugly Christmas sweater on Christmas day while opening their presents. If you don’t wear the Christmas sweater, you get to open your presents last. 

This is what my Christmas sweater looks like. 


My grandparents got everyone a Christmas sweater, and we all wear them, sometimes.  

 By Sydney L.




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