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The Shoe Box Project – It’s a Wrap! Campus 

The Shoe Box Project – It’s a Wrap!

Through donations from Vanier students, staff, friends and family, the Vanier Shoe Box Project created 42 gift-filled shoe boxes. These holiday gifts will be donated to local women’s shelters for those impacted by homelessness. This project served a purpose to share kindness and love with the less fortunate during the Holiday Season. 

I’d like to thank my team of volunteers who assisted me throughout this month-long project: Alexia Wojcik Da Silva, Gabriella Gratton, Vanessa Papamanolioudakis, Dhimahi Jigneshkumar Patel, Victoria Lattas-Patrinos and Alexandra Tsigaras. I’d also like to thank the Vanier Christian Fellowship for their generous contribution. This fundraiser was a great success thanks to your generosity and contributions!

By Claudia Bruscia


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