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A new start-up on campus Campus 

A new start-up on campus

Social Science students were able to attend a “coffee break” activity on September 29th and November 17th. This initiative serves as an “informal” discussion space amongst students and economics teachers where Applied Economics can be discussed outside of a classroom setting. Their first meeting was about Personal Finance and Wealth Management in the Age of Millennials, while their second meeting explored the Bridges and frontiers between Economics and Psychology

During the first meeting, students were able to share their thoughts on portfolio diversification, real estate, and cryptocurrency while engaging in stimulating discussions with their peers. They were able to understand the human behaviour and rationality needed in decision making, which impacts one’s investments. The importance behind a clear understanding of macroeconomic indicators and market dynamics was also focal in the discussion.

When discussing the connection between Economics and Psychology, many spoke about mental health, the influence of socio-economic factors and the lack of effective resources available in society. Some students and teachers spoke about ways they influence themselves to live healthier lives through small changes in their daily habits. This second meeting also allowed students to better understand the political cost related to the promotion of effective health policies. 

If you are interested in the world of Applied Economics, stay tuned for more “coffee break” activities during Winter 2022!

By Claudia Bruscia

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