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Tiny Winter Flower Arts 

Tiny Winter Flower

Amidst the chill of the winter ache

A little flower is able to break

Through the thickest sheets of frost

To show the world the life it had lost.

A snowdrop, appearing there so frail

Yet courageous enough to brave the hail.


A few white petals, alone in the cold,

Such a small flower, yet very bold;

Enough to inspire the others to grow,

Shining hope for a life after snow.

Soon will triumph the sun over the night

Awakening again after the harsh winter bite.


Oh! How I wish to be this brave

To seek the freedom that I long craved

The liberty of which I am depraved,

To be strong and to escape my grave.


Alas, I do not have enough power

To pierce skyward for the lost paradise.

I am too weak to break the hard ice,

Weaker than a tiny little winter flower.

By Francis Dinh

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