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The Stranger Arts 

The Stranger

He came in my life at my darkest hour



the man who promised to stand by me

who made feeble promises to hold me in the dark

and protect me from the dangers of the world

left, without a word or clue

I do not know why to this day

It was very windy that day and I did not have much on

I was wearing his favorite dress

dusty rose and pair of white slippers

but he never showed

My dress gathered dirt

my make up smudged

and my head hurt


Was it something I said?

Something I did?


I am not sure how long I sat there in grass

legs sprawled but unable to move

unable to feel


He came around introduced himself and sat down

I can’t remember what his name was

but he was dressed in black

and had a long jagged scar on his left check

It looked odd but he did not scare me

he talked about everything and at same time nothing at all

reached for my hand and held on to it

said that I looked lost and could use a friend


I smiled and said nothing

It was just the two of us in the middle of all the uncertainty

I did not know what tomorrow was going to bring

and he was not in a rush to go anywhere


He was not so great with words but he understood my pain

that was 2 years ago

I am sitting here in the same place once more

hoping that he has not forgotten about me



Poem By: Ana Habib



Photo: Paolo Braiuca [Flickr image] (

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