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The One That Got Away Arts 

The One That Got Away

He left
I stayed back
Wearing a mask made from pain, and grief from morning to night
Choking from all that wasted time, energy and potential
The potential to grow together as a couple
To travel the world and learn from each other
We have clearly both moved on
but still…
He is probably flying from country to country with her fingers intertwined in his
While I still here in this chair old as time and reminiscing about a simpler time
Well.. it was simple in my head
When I thought I was happy with him
I thought about the big pink elephant that was always there and refused to budge
Life being all about rainbows and roses
And the glass being half full
Too bad it is not strong enough to wash down the bitter feelings
That still make their way to my throat and stay there.


Poem By: Ana Habib

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