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The Notion of Light Arts 

The Notion of Light

Perception is everything my dear.

Stop gazing into the broken mirror freckled with spit and blood.

There’s much more to it than that;

The appetite, the wishful thinking,

skipping stones and late night drinking.

Peer behind your rib,

what do you see?

The beating heart? Perhaps a thing that’s aching? A jagged thump thump thump, why, could it be breaking?

Look lower now,

what are you consuming?

survival methods, choked down laughter and fruit that’s bruising.

Do you dream? Do you dream soft and tender with flowers blooming?

Take what you can

Take more

Take more

What are you?

A cutting board for a cannibal?

Why no, you’re the main course.

A delicate thing, a lovely one.

There’s so much warmth, and it’s yours for the taking.


Poem by: Kate Vieira

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