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A Small Light Arts 

A Small Light

A small light, shimmering, alone and kempt

Cold and stern, I sat watching and fading

This flow of sound, or beat or rhythm, ah

This day, disturbing my slumber, constant

Makes me empty – feels empty, prolonging

A day, or yet a life not worth living


This small note, I sought, now, inside only;

What truth is told, in, within me, hiding?

This sound of life, full of loss and change, ah

Is but a soft hush, a whisper, empty

Such a reflection of myself, passing

Pondering I stayed; The candle waving


This story now and this story only

was but a moment in my life, a trend

What am I doing, now or never, ah

As I look upon this small light, sighing

It, now, like a sun, rose and is falling

Isn’t like me, already dying – dead


Written By: Maxime S. Barthe

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