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3 Days

I know life goes on and time waits for no one
The moment we are up there is something that needs to be done and sometimes even re-done.
Now what if all that was to come to a halt one day?
Your usual check-up with the family physician turned into something dreary?
He does not welcome you with his usual smile but frowns at you instead
Looks over at the small sheets of paper in his hands and quickly leaves the room
To have an elderly nurse come in and all tell you that your time is short
You have only 3 days on earth
Today is Friday and you expire on a Sunday
The day of rest…
The long lasting feelings of fatigue
Your fine hair thinning out
Hunger, no longer an issue
Thinking that its just stress and sleepless nights responsible for your horrid state.
Your mouth isn’t working but hands reach your eyes and to your surprise there are no tears
You don’t have time for that either
On your home you think about what you will tell the mother who looks forward to seeing your face first thing in the morning
The father who patiently waits for you to take over the family business so that he could stretch his legs
The baby sister who expects you at her wedding dressed in your finest
And the sweet man who promised you that sleeping alone will soon be a thing of the past
What about your dream?
That childlike wish you held on to for years to become a superhero wearing a stethoscope and handing lollies to all the sick children left and right
Suddenly the path to your house, the same one you grew up in, is over
And the heavy oak door opens up
To let out frenzy of noise complete with laughing children and talkative adults
Bessie the friendly black Labrador is there too
You look to the sky and sigh “I guess this can wait till after the party”


Poem by: Ana Habib

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