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President of The VCSA Resigns (UPDATE) News 

President of The VCSA Resigns (UPDATE)

On the morning of February 27th 2018, the president of the VCSA Whi Kweon Kang resigned from his position. He handed in his resignation which cited various reasons as to why he chose to leave his post, such as his “lack of responsibility” and his “failure to assist the Executive Council to its best of capabilities”. Whi added that he “enjoyed his time at VCSA immensely” and that he’s grateful for the lessons he’s learned over the past year as part of the VCSA.

Internal Affairs Officer of the VCSA Ben Stix commented on the resignation by saying: “Working with Whi has always been a pleasure. His knowledge and dedication greatly benefited the association. He will be missed, and we wish him luck in his future endeavors”. When speaking with Vanessa Pellicciotta, Financial Secretary of the VCSA, she said that Marin Algattus, Vice-President of the VCSA will act as stand in president until a council vote takes place Wednesday February 28th to appoint a new President from the existing executives.



On Wednesday February 28th, Marin Algattus became president of Vanier College’s Student Association. As for her thoughts on the resignation of Whi, she had this to say: “Whi was a good leader: he is an asset to our association and the students. Managing being a student and VCSA president is a huge responsibility and honor, he was able to make the difficult and strong choice to resign. I am saddened by his absence however respect his difficult decision”.

On the topic of the voting process, the meeting was explained by Marin as “quite long, and deliberation may have taken a lot into account”. She continues to say that “[deliberation] was done in the way where candidates had to leave the room when being analyzed”, and she summarized that the final vote was done through closed ballot, making it anonymous.

When asked about her plans as the new president of the VCSA, Marin said she plans to “ensure that [the VCSA] as an executive flow smoothly to the end of this short mandate”. Marin also plans to “take on the projects of [her] predecessor” and to “support the team in their goals and ambitions to make the Vanier College student community better.” She added that the council has already started planning scholarships and trips.

Marin also speaks to the work that the other executive members are doing, such as “The new vice-president Vanessa Pellicciotta working on huge plans for the end of the semester”, “community coordinators Shazia Ranmal and Dylan Darragh’s many plans throughout the coming semester”, and how “the new internal affairs officer Sabrina Sorger and financial secretary Ben Stix have already begun re-structuring form the inside and making things better”. She also adds that “the clubs, academics and communication coordinators; Stephen III Okeke, Zara Fox, Mikael Daldalian and Kreztov Fugaban are making things happen too!”.  Marin then asks that we stay tuned to see what is coming up next for the council.


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