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You’re leaning back into the comfort of your favorite couch, the one that’s perfectly molded to your backside. Your head is resting to the side as images flash across your face. The room is dark and you are absorbed in the intensity that is the muse in front of you. Information is being thrown in your direction and you’re taking it all in greedily, your eyes begging for more; the tips of your fingers reaching out to hold onto whatever bits and pieces you can grab.

Your body is aching as she captivates you with the rosy color on her soft white cheeks; her tongue gliding across the cracks on her chapped lips. She is your favorite documentary; with her hips swaying to the rhythm of the most exhilarating story you’ve ever heard. Her fingers are twirling theories around the sleek sheets of black hair that fall down your spine. Your eyes are undressing all of the questions you desperately need answers to, and the goosebumps that line your collarbone are growing as each minute passes; the tremble in your lip is moving with curiosity.

Written By: Anna Potier

Originally published: August 2015

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