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Perfect Timing

As you wait for class to end, you decide to take a look at the time on your phone, and it happens to be 11:11.


At once, you are amazed by your absolutely incredible timing. However, was it ever really your timing that made you check the time at this precise moment? This happened because you were at the right place at the right time.


Everything led to your being there at that moment. Everything, from your birth to how unusually early the bus was this morning, is a product of cause and effect, which can be painstakingly, but quite impressively, traced back to the beginning of everything.


Objects set in motion in the exact same way will always act the same way in and upon their environment. Therefore, if the universe were to commence in the same way an infinite number of times, wouldn’t the universe be, from start to finish, exactly the same every time? Perhaps you’ve looked at your phone at this exact moment an infinite number of times, hence our universe plays on in an endless loop. 


The beginning of everything is the reason you looked up and saw 11:11. It brought you forth and set in motion everything leading up to this moment. You looked at your phone and you saw the beginning of everything still in motion. In that moment you witnessed what was, what is and what will be, all taking place in that present moment because time is a series of continuous “nows”. The past was a “now” and the future will be a “now”. The initial creation of everything caused you to be in that class, at that moment, with your phone to witness this interesting little phenomenon.


Second off, there’s the question of personal will. Did you decide to look up or is that also a causal relationship? In reality, it’s both.


We have less control over our actions than we’d like to think as everything we do is influenced by the world around us, the thoughts that appear in our mind and our personality, none of which we actually control or choose. We have no control over our thoughts as they randomly appear within our minds and are forgotten, again without us controlling any of it.


We don’t control our personalities either because we can often discover new things about ourselves that we didn’t even know existed and affected our actions and judgment.


With all of this in mind, our actions, such as looking at the time at a specific moment, are simply expression of the universe itself through us because it dictates that, which affects our choices if not the choices themselves. We have free will, but this will is also the will of everything because it all worked to make you feel, act and think a certain way.


It’s your timing but also everything’s timing that made you look at the time.

Written by: Enrika Béland

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