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Did 6ix9ine Try to Reincarnate into Nick Minaj Baby Voices 

Did 6ix9ine Try to Reincarnate into Nick Minaj Baby

If you are somewhat active on any form of social media, then you have probably seen jokes floating around about people wanting to commit suicide in order to reincarnate into Nicki Minaj’s baby. 

Ever since the rapper made her pregnancy announcement in July of 2020, the entire Internet seems to want to be reborn as her child. If you were one of those who wanted this honour, I am the bearer of bittersweet news about the only hope of this year. The Queen of the Barbz has given birth to her first child on September 30th

On the same fateful night of the birth of our new rap messiah, rapper 6ix9ine was admitted to the hospital after having an overdose. Some may say that this is a coincidence, but I have evidence to believe that he was attempting to reincarnate into Nicki Minaj’s womb. 

6ix9ine, otherwise known as Daniel Hernadez, is infamous to say to least. With a past marred with charges of sexual assault on a minor, allegations of domestic abuse, robbery, assault, and his involvement in the Nine Trey Gangsters, to name a few scandals, he would probably want to start anew. 

However, this task is easier said than done when you have numerous distinct tattoos touting your name across your face and body. Tattoo removal is an option, but it is risky and painful. Makeup is also one, but you would need to apply it in numerous layers every single day. Changing countries is also an option, except you’re a prominent member of current pop culture. What left is there to do than to reincarnate into a rich rapper’s baby?

Nicki Minaj has collaborated with Hernandez on the song FEFE, which was released in 2018, and on TROLLZ, which was released this year. Since the two have worked together in the past, it is most likely that they have continued to talk outside of the recording studio and have become acquaintances, perhaps even friends. This sets the scene for my theory. 

Due to their past involvement, it is highly plausible that Hernadez had information that was not disclosed to the public and only to friends, such as when Nicki Minaj’s baby was conceived or the due date would be. With this knowledge, he would have had enough time to hatch a plan to become the newest member of the Barbz. 

When Minaj went into labour, it is possible that she let her friends and family in on the situation, giving 6ix9ine the green light to put his plan into motion. For the next day or so, he parties his ass off and does every drug known to man, but is careful not to push himself too hard, as she hasn’t given birth yet. When Nicki is on the brink of pushing the baby out, he takes a deadly concoction of narcotics and hopes that he will wake up as her baby. 

Unfortunately, his attempts were futile, as he survived his overdose and is still very alive, much to his and to my dismay. Perhaps he will have another chance to have a go at reincarnation if she ever gets pregnant again, but who knows for sure?

Do you think that 6ix9ine wanted to reincarnate and become Nicki Minaj’s baby? If you answer no, you’re boring.

By Barbz L0ver

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