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Whistling D’ici! Voices 

Whistling D’ici!

About ten years ago, I found myself the owner of a large and varied collection of objects my uncle accumulated over time. I immediately brought the three-foot long chromed truck horn (KAHOOOOOOOOOOOGA) and the 70 year old kerosene blow-torch (PFFFFFFFFFFFFT) home with me. Stuff like that, you can’t find it unless you’re really, really lucky. My uncle told me the blow-torch belonged to my grandfather and it’s a direct piece of my family’s history (but he’s such a liar, I really don’t believe him) – now in my safe-keeping; I…

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Chuck Palahniuk Arts Voices 

Chuck Palahniuk

At first glance, Chuck Palahniuk is just some guy who used to work on a truck assembly line and got lucky with a mondo big book about guys beating each other up, starting a gang and completely getting out of control. Every person I know who’s heard of Fight Club, but not watched it, thinks it’s about fighting. Without looking at his work, Chuck Palahniuk easily gets pegged as a grown up high school bully who got lucky. But that’s sooooooo wrong. Chuck’s body of work elicits your most sensitive…

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— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — I love my body. I’ve lived in it for a long time. It freaked me out when I found out I don’t own it. Seriously. Looking at what’s going on in our world, this is what I’ve come to realize: my body isn’t mine. This physical me, it’s not ME. When I’m out cold, head in the stars, dead to the world, unconscious, –flatlined–… it belongs to the…

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