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Federal By-election Debate News 

Federal By-election Debate

Who should I vote for?…

… the NDP… the local candidate didn’t speak a word of English during his time on stage. Well, just a little in the last five minutes, really. He was apologetic about it when I spoke to him afterward – he said his French is much better than his English, although our conversation went well in his second language.

Green?… he’s the scrappiest of the bunch; definitely has his heart in it… but won’t they get tired of him being so earnest?

The Liberals have the most mature candidate, even though she’s the youngest, but, um, how come the big boss bounced Alan de Sousa from running without telling us anything about why? I dunno, but, didn’t the big red L kinda promise transparency?

The Conservatives: their candidate used Jack Layton’s favorite strategy of attacking the party in power. What’s Blue gonna do for you (and me)?

The Bloc will probably destroy this English college; all the other candidates mentioned Vanier when interviewed by the local newspaper, but this man only acknowledged that one single educational institution exists in the riding.

The Rhinoceros Party’s candidate wasn’t even invited to the debate! He brought up Standing Rock… good topic. He’s a funny, smart, and straight-up.

Anyone running has to get 4,000 votes to recoup their expenses – I hope they all do.

tc▪media published interviews with the candidates on the 22nd and the 29th. The answers to question 7 were especially interesting to me.

The interviews can be seen here:

Written By: John Martzouco

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