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The Dark Truth Behind Black Friday and How to Combat It Features 

The Dark Truth Behind Black Friday and How to Combat It

With Thanksgiving around the corner just south of the Canadian border, industries have started promoting their Black Friday deals. A tradition that is rooted in the United States has found its way into Canada, in an effort to keep Canadian shoppers from contributing to foreign markets as opposed to their own.

This being said, the excess consumption of goods and fast fashion on this day is no friend to our deteriorating climate.

With the rise of consumerism surrounding the Holiday season, shoppers seek to get their shopping done on Black Friday in order to ensure the best of deals and prevent future headache. However, in doing this, those who shop on this day are mere subjects to the hedonistic and therefore dying world that we live in.

It is for this reason that, since 1992, many have taken a stand proclaimed Black Friday as Buy Nothing Day. Buy Nothing Day suggests a boycott of shopping in order to protest the mass and unnecessary consumption that has been going on in the United States and Canada.

We can live without the latest fashion trends, we can live without the newest and shiniest technology, and all we have to do is put a little bit of effort into making the conscious decision to spare the planet.

We must refuse to shop, refuse to give into materialistic temptation, in order to inspire others to do the same and truly make a difference.


By: Valentina Tsilimidos

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