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It’s that article. Guilt; A five-letter word that in one moment or another makes us feel bad. According to The Collins Dictionary, there are two types of guilt, when there are in fact five. According to Psychology Today, there is guilt for something you did, for something you didn’t do but want to, something you think you did, not doing enough to help someone and for doing better than someone else. All of these points are forms of guilt. More tips on how to handle these types of guilt are in the article The Definitive Guide to Guilt in the magazine Psychology Today.

In my research for this article, there were many things related to guilt, like white guilt, caregiver guilt, food guilt and pleasure guilt. Guilt about racism, sexism, all the -isms. The list goes on and on. One thing is to recognize it and another is to talk about these things.

It’s about time we started talking about the things that make us feel guilty more openly, especially the -isms. One of the multiple reasons these -isms occur is because they are not talked about in the open, making their occurrences more frequent. This is why guilt should be talked about.

It is in my optimistic opinion that everything can be talked about in the right way.


Written By: Isabel Cerc

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