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When we hear about a new emerging artist, we rarely think of someone as young and modest as David Marino. In a world where we have modern music, comes a young man out of time.  David’s style of music is like none other; he sings jazz and might become the next big artist to put Montreal on the map.

Montreal crooner David Marino was just eighteen years old when he found himself in the finals of TVA’s popular vocal competition show in Quebec La Voix. As an anglophone he was trying to carve himself a niche in the francophone community, and he did not renege his Quebec heritage.

Apart from being a great singer, Marino is also a studious young man and a Vanier College Alumni.  The young crooner started college in a program of Honors Science in the year 2017. Due to the busy schedule while competing in La Voix, he had to switch to a different program.

Marino’s journey towards stardom came at a very young age. He was only three years old when he began violin lessons. At the mere age of six he began his great journey as a singer. His father bought him a Frank Sinatra CD and he instantly fell in love with that type of music. He was smitten and felt a connection right away; there was no doubt in his mind that he would be singing jazz for the rest of his life.

It’s a deep affection and bond that Marino has with jazz music. “I think you’re born loving that type of music, that was the case for me and I never fell out of love with it. It’s a deeper connection to anything I’ve ever had and I have no words for it”, Marino explains.

Obviously singing on La Voix was challenging at first, for it wasn’t the singer’s first language. Marino is pretty hard on himself and during his interviews with the host, constantly worrying about making grammatical mistakes. A word of advice his father gave him was that even if you make a mistake just to keep going and persevere.

“During my La Voix experience everyone was super pleasant, especially my coach Pierre Lapointe. I learnt a lot about the pressure of the industry. That there are no excuses for anything even if you are feeling under the weather. Pierre showed me a lot during my time there and he taught me how to get ready for anything that’s thrown my way,” responded Marino when asked about his La Voix experience.

According to Marino, La Voix was a great experience and it was super fun, he learnt to deal with the adversity of singing and communicating in French, being an anglophone and trying to fit in.

A top student, Marino is presently studying at Concordia University and striving to get a degree in French (minor), including Italian and Spanish. He said it’s extremely helpful to be able to sing in different languages as well know how to speak in different languages for future interviews.

However David Marino is not solely focused on his own career, he also strives to make a difference in the world. He is doing this by having concerts and raising awareness about mental health illnesses: a cause that is dear to his heart.

As stated by Marino, “it’s something we don’t talk about as much or shed light on its cause. Why? It’s because it’s not as noticeable or well known as a physical illness. The people diagnosed with mental illnesses are suffering a lot. My cousin as well as my friends suffered from mental illness and I saw how much it affected them.”

Marino goes on to say that he will be giving a benefit concert for the Jewish General Hospital in October 2019. “I will be performing a benefit concert along with a big band for Mind Strong, where all proceeds will be going towards better research in cures for mental illnesses.”

If you ever plan on listening to a man out of time with a booming and powerful voice, attend on of David Marino’s charity concerts. One of the most charming and easy going young men you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. He makes singing jazz, what takes some people years to master, sound absolutely flawless. David Marino will surely be making positive change for years to come.


Written by: Simone Rosa

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