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The Vanier Model United Nations Campus 

The Vanier Model United Nations

The Vanier Model United Nations is a student-run organization founded in 2013. It now has approximately 50 active members and is still looking to expand! Model UN allows students to improve their knowledge of current politics and history. Moreover, it enables students to polish their public speaking skills as well as improve their writing abilities.

The members of Vanier Model UN (VMUN) meet on a weekly basis in order to debate about a variety of topics such as nuclear disarmament, the European refugee crisis, and the recent Mueller investigation. Students are assigned a country or a character and must defend their assigned country’s foreign policy or character’s opinion. The students are given enough time, before the debate begins, to research their character or country’s position as well as some general information about the topic at hand.

Debate is chaired by two members of the executive team (the chair and their co-chair). The so-called dais ensures that delegates (students) follow the rules of procedure and that the debate flows.

Once the delegates have discussed the topic in depth, they are asked to write a resolution or a committee directive. These documents, drafted by the students, are the conclusion of the debate and have as purpose to put forth solutions for the topics that have been discussed. Model UN encourages students to think of diplomatic solutions to global issues. Delegates learn teamwork and compromise by working together to resolve international problems. The entire committee, composed of all the delegates, then votes on the draft-resolutions presented in order for them to become resolutions approved by the committee.

These mock committee sessions are designed to familiarize the student with the flow of debate, the rules of procedure, and the drafting of resolutions. Throughout the year, VMUN sends delegates to other English-speaking CEGEPs and universities to participate in local Model UN conferences. These conferences welcome delegates from all across the world and allow VMUN members put their practice into work in order to represent Vanier College. Just as in the weekly sessions, delegates will be asked to write draft-resolutions as to present solutions for the topic at hand. Previous conferences VMUN has attended include ones hosted by Marianopolis College, Dawson College, Champlain College, John Abbot College, McGill University, and the Canadian Model UN in Ottawa.

VMUN is proud to announce that they will be hosting their own conference in April 2019. The VMUN conference team is excited to welcome many delegations from CEGEPs and high schools to Vanier College from the 27th to the 28th of April 2019.

Students wishing to join VMUN will find a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The club and its members enjoy welcoming new students to our debates and hope many students will partake in their meetings in the upcoming semesters. Students who come to VMUN meetings can have their hours noted as part of the STAR Hours volunteer program. Those wishing to learn more about the STAR program can see Kristen Whitelaw or send an email at

The club meets on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 5:45 to 7:45 in D-543. Students don’t need to attend the two meetings, as the topic discussed is the same. Should a student want to be added to the mio list and be kept up to date with VMUN news, mio Manel Nedjari. They can also mio Manel if they have any questions or concerns regarding the club.


Written By: Alexis Janssen

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