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The Interviews of VSuccess Campus 

The Interviews of VSuccess

VSuccesses’ interview with Vanier’s Director General John McMahon allows viewers a glimpse into the life of an educator with amassed diverse experiences and interests. He speaks candidly of his experience teaching in Nunavik and the Caribbean, as well as his passion for hockey. Mr. McMahon discusses how his positive influence as a teacher has helped him be happily satisfied in his career as an educator. Making a point to highlight the Vanier graduation ceremonies, he calls attention to their inspirational and impactful nature. Director General McMahon emphasizes the importance of the individuality that one’s journey through life holds. He also stresses the importance of seizing opportunities as they arise and viewing them as opportunities to further one’s knowledge. 

Health Science student Angelica Antonakopoulos shares her love for Vanier College and her future aspirations of pursuing a career in pharmaceutical research in order to contribute to society’s global state of health. Angelica also discusses the importance of being proactive in one’s community through her extensive involvement within the College as a member of the Vanier Key Society, the Vanier Philosophy Club, and as a tutor for the Vanier TASC Center. Angelica then goes on to highlight different time management strategies that help her to balance her wide array of interests and school, whilst emphasizing the practice of self-compassion to prevent oneself from burning out.

Pure and Applied Science student Marlan Josue Rivera Varaderes discusses his interest in understanding different subjects like philosophy, politics, and physics. Marlan aspires to one day pursue graduate studies in physics and paleontology in order to become a professor and eventually run for a political party. His great ambition entails a great amount of work, and as such, he discloses his favourite way of decompressing as helping others. His volunteering experience includes being part of Amnesty International and an environment committee during high school. Marlan currently acts as a tutor at Vanier, is part of the Vanier Key Society, and the Vanier Philosophy Club. Finally, Marlon discusses the importance of one’s emotional self-discovery in order for one to become acquainted with one’s limitations and capabilities.

By Maia Fukuyama


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