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New Universal Complementary Course on Indigenous Studies Campus 

New Universal Complementary Course on Indigenous Studies

NEVER BEEN IDLE: Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

The injustices that have faced indigenous people in Canada since the arrival of the first European colonizers will definitely remain the largest taint in our country’s history. Despite all attempts from the colonizers to assimilate them, the indigenous people of Canada have continuously resisted throughout the centuries and have survived to tell their tale. In a time of reconciliation and justice, indigenous people are telling their stories of resistance and battle to preserve their culture, identity, and communities.

Now Vanier College students will get their chance to learn all about it first-hand, with a new universal complementary course on indigenous studies being offered starting in Fall 2018.  The course will give students the opportunity to explore the topic of indigenous rights and resistance from an exclusively indigenous perspective and use indigenous learning methods. The course will emphasize on communities near Tio’tia:ke*. Students taking the course will be able to take different field trips to nearby indigenous communities and visit different indigenous landmarks in Tio’tia:ke, as well have the occasion to listen to different indigenous speakers.

On top of that, an indigenous studies program might also be adding itself to the lists of college-wide majors offered to Vanier students. Only the final approval of College’s Board of Directors is required before the program becomes reality. Not much information is available regarding the details of the program, but it will be if it gets the final approval of the board.

For more information regarding the course, students can contact Judy Ingerman via mio or by email at, or Jacky Vallée via mio or by email at

Colonization continues to have negative impacts on indigenous communities across Canada. Nevertheless, we need to highlight the work of resistance of indigenous communities through times. Indigenous people have NEVER BEEN IDLE!

* Tio’tia:ke is the Mohawk word for Montréal.


Written By: Mohammad-Afaaq Mansoor

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