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Clubs Day Campus 

Clubs Day

The tables in the cafeteria were put aside for the space used by the club tables. There was a lot of student chatter on the 19th of September because it was Clubs Day! The Anime, Chess, Drama, and many other clubs were there. The Christian Club gave out candy and sweet bread. All the clubs were there to promote and obtain members using a sheet that typically had the student’s name and the student’s number. The newspaper and other clubs got many signatures on their lists. It looks like the clubs at Vanier College will have many members this semester.


Here’s a full list of the clubs that were present:

Badminton Club, Cinema Club, Chess Club, Christian Fellowship, Hillel Club, MSA Club, Music Club, Kwave Club, Coding Club, Philosophy Club, South Asian Student Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Book Club, UMBRELLA Club, Anime Club and Gamers Club.


Join if you’re interested!



Written By: Sara Rebeca Palacios

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