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Bursary: VCSA Change Your World Campus 

Bursary: VCSA Change Your World

Are you a leader? A game-changer? An amateur social activist? Do you just like getting involved? If you have an idea on how to improve a particular issue in your community, but aren’t quite sure how to put it into action, or don’t have the funds to do so, the VCSA “Change Your World” Bursary Program is there for you!

Designed to aid in starting projects with a great potential to make a difference on a local scale, the program gives Vanier students a chance to explore the basics of planning and putting together social justice endeavors. Through a series of workshops created by the VCSA, titled “How to Change Your World”, participants are guided through the process of conceptualization of their own project ideas, learning, as they go along, about global and local issues of various causes. Throughout the semester, students elaborate and refine their ideas, and are invited to present their final plan before a jury. The jury members select a winner based on originality and organization (structure), allotting a $5000 bursary to the first place winner, and a $2000 bursary to second place. The prize money is intended solely for bringing the project to life.


To be eligible, projects must not discriminate on things such as culture, religion, gender, ethnicity, etc., nor must they support any political or religious party. Candidates must be VCSA members (i.e. full-time students and continuing education students as of Fall 2016) who will be returning next semester, and are required to follow Vanier College policies (be in agreement with the Zero Tolerance Policy). Participants must attend a minimum of two hours of a VCSA How to Change Your World workshop, and are encouraged to direct their efforts towards having a positive impact on the Montreal community (projects must be able to be piloted within Vanier). Teaming up is accepted, as long as it is indicated in advance (upon enrollment).


Proposals are to be submitted by March 30th 2016, in person (room C-214), using the VCSA C.Y.W. Bursary Enrollment form available upon communicating with the VCSA.

Workshop Dates

Wednesdays during UB: February 24th, March 2nd, March 23rd — room A-308

Fridays 2:30-4:00 pm: February 26th, March 4th — MIO Kathleen Mary Charles for location
Give it a shot – your idea could make all the difference in the community, changing your perspective on the world by having a positive impact on your city, one person at a time.


Written By: Katherine Willcocks

Originally Published: February 2016

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