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Current Affairs Arts 

Current Affairs

Racism is dead In their eyes but not in mine I will not forget I am dead inside But I continue to live To spite all of them Dear mom, I am sad ‘Cause of what my life became I want to improve Home was never here It was inside all along Living in our hearts I am not your doll I will not be soft for you I will not be yours By Depressed Asian

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Regression to the mean Arts 

Regression to the mean

Nothing is permanent, So why should my anxiety be?   Dark clouds are carried off by strong winds, Storms are drained dry, Hurricanes exist to self-destruct.   Every cloud’s fate is to dissipate, Every ray of sunshine dies out, Every mean is returned to.   Math was never my forte though, So how can I find the mean of my anxiety?   By Sophie Dufresne

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Inexistence  Arts 


There is a debate in society On whether or not I exist. Not on whether or not I should exist, Or on whether or not I deserve rights, But on whether or not I exist.   The sheer thought  Of the possibility  I might wake up tomorrow, To learn that I don’t exist, That I might unite with the void, Melt into nothingness, Have the memory of me erased from this planet, All because the conservatives emerged victorious from this debate, And the world must accept the harsh truth: “Everyone…

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Some Thoughts on Ancient History Arts 

Some Thoughts on Ancient History

My grandfather amidst An earthquake, A stone-hard marble pillar Of a man, Remains cold, always, Even to the touch; He holds up his end Of the fortress With clipped words, Riddled with hard edges That slip through the cracks Of a curled upper lip.   My grandfather amidst  The aftermath, Some stone-hard marble ruins Of a man, Remains still, always, Even when watched; He holds up his pieces Of the crumbling site With resonating silence, Amplified by a sense of finality That draws in the ears Of wandering pilgrims.  …

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