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75e, elles se souviennent Voices 

75e, elles se souviennent

Durant la Semaine de la francophonie 2018 au cégep Vanier, j’ai assisté à la projection d’un documentaire qui s’intitule 75e, elles se souviennent. En regardant ce documentaire, j’en ai appris davantage sur l’évolution de la vie des femmes québécoises depuis les années 1940. Les témoignages de différentes personnalités comme Lise Payette, Pauline Marois, Tamy Emma Pepin, et d’autres femmes renommées au Québec parlent de la différence entre les rôles des femmes dans la société des années 1940 et ceux des années 2000. Dans le passé, la femme ne s’occupait que…

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A Tidbit of Anthropology Features 

A Tidbit of Anthropology

When heard, some people think of archaeologists excavating the soil surrounding the pyramids of Egypt. But this is a limited point of view. Anthropology studies people from all times and places while keeping themselves culturally modest. The branch of social science is concerned with being as unbiased as possible. Since Ethnocentricity almost always bears bias, cultural modesty is crucial in getting a holistic view, a view that takes into account all aspects of the cultures studied. Anthropology also looks to humanize other human beings such as drug dealers, terrorists, hacktivists…

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A Humanitarian Trip To Peru Features 

A Humanitarian Trip To Peru

Taking part in a humanitarian trip can be a life-changing experience. Jeremy Levett, a full-time Vanier student in health science, now in his final semester, took part in one such trip to Peru over the winter break. This trip was organized by Dawson Medlife, and Jeremy was sponsored by the VCSA on this trip. Medlife is a foundation that was created to support low-income families in developing countries, and provide them access to important resources such as food, water, and shelter. College students were invited to take part in this…

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Straw and Stir Stick Ban Initiative Campus 

Straw and Stir Stick Ban Initiative

Plastic straws and stir sticks are much more harmful to the environment than you think. There are many alarming statistics surrounding straw usage, such as the fact that Americans alone consume enough straws to wrap around the world 2.5 times every single day. Many types of straws are made of polypropylene and contain BPA, which leaks harmful toxins such as synthetic estrogen into what you’re drinking. Straws also rank in the top 10 for marine debris and take over 200 years to break down into non-biodegradable micro-plastics. On top of…

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Did The Shape of Water Deserve Best Picture? Entertainment 

Did The Shape of Water Deserve Best Picture?

During the Oscar ceremony of the year 2010, one best-picture nominated film shocked many, James Cameron’s Avatar. Although the movie isn’t atrocious or anywhere near bad, the simple fact that a film who only exudes form and lacked content was nominated to, in a way, become a staple for that whole year’s production of movies produced discontent in the public. The simple fact was that; Avatar was a beautiful movie with a distinct style that enchanted filmgoers. However, simply being visually striking isn’t enough for a film to be such…

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The Vanier First Aid Team Campus 

The Vanier First Aid Team

The Vanier First Aid team was conceived two semesters ago by Jeremy Levett, a Health Science student here at Vanier. The headquarters is located in D-105 (Jake’s metro area) and is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. An official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Wednesday, March 7th, where Jeremy was joined by Vanier’s Director General John McMahon to celebrate this occasion. The Director-General had this to say about the project: “This is truly an impressive project and I am proud to see how engaged our students…

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The Vanier Muslim Student Association Club Campus 

The Vanier Muslim Student Association Club

The Muslim Student Association, or MSA Vanier is a club run by Muslim students at Vanier College where all Vanier students get together to pray and learn more about the Islamic religion. It is the oldest students’ association club at Vanier. The club is located in B-520 and it is opened to all the students who want to pray during the day. Executive members are present in the room during the week from Monday until Friday, 8-6:00. Anass Jerroumi is the coordinator who organizes Friday prayers. There are two Friday…

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RIP Stephen Hawking Features 

RIP Stephen Hawking

Sadly during the morning of March 14th, 2018, the life of well-known, influential, and exceptional Stephen Hawking came to an end. The theoretical physicist, cosmologist, researcher, mathematician, author, and hero, passed peacefully at his home on Cambridge at the age of 76. This was not without first living a life full of extraordinary achievements and becoming an idol and icon to many. Stephen Hawking created and shared theories about black holes; helping discover four laws of black-hole mechanics, offered tons of research in cosmology, and published an all-time best-selling book…

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Hackathon Champions Again Campus 

Hackathon Champions Again

Last year, within a week of being founded, the Vanier Tech Club saw one of its teams win the Université de Montréal hackathon. The club has since sent its members to various hackathons around Montreal with varying success and was finally able to come back to where it all started on the weekend of February 24th and 25th. This year, the VTC sent three teams to the UdeM hackathon, joining another team from Vanier that was formed independently of the club. They were confronted with the challenge of programming an…

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Danny DeVito Confirmed for Super Smash Brothers Switch News 

Danny DeVito Confirmed for Super Smash Brothers Switch

Throughout the past few weeks, news and speculation surrounding the confirmed release of a new Super Smash Brothers game on the Nintendo Switch have been circulating on the Internet. Super Smash Brothers, or Smash Brothers is a fighting game that pits video game characters against one another in competitive battles, and is renowned for the complex combos and move sets that the characters have. Ever since Nintendo aired a surprise trailer for the game at the end of the last Nintendo Direct, speculation as to new characters, stages and battle…

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