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Mexico Has Hope Voices 

Mexico Has Hope

Mexico. Has. Hope.   Holy s***.   After so many years of oppression and violence, Mexico has a sliver of a ray of hope. IN THEIR HANDS. The candidate of choice may actually be chosen, and with the person, a change in regime will take place.   For too many years to count, Mexico has been under a dictatorship. With the pretext of a free democracy, the political party PRI has held an iron hold on Mexican freedom. This regimen changed when the political party PAN came into power for…

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Sweet Mango Pie Arts 

Sweet Mango Pie

Swimming in purple water makes me giddy The hippos laugh as i giggle and scream Posteriously producing bubbles that froth and foam Start spinning up around my head Its sweet perfume intoxicates me so As I splish and splash on the hippos back My thoughts turn to gumdrops and sweet mango pie Made from baboons with big yellow eyes As i turn to my left i see a crocodile there Holding a mirror and brushing his hair And since he was busy i looked at a snail And thought it…

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Alone, Free & Safe Arts 

Alone, Free & Safe

If I can stay here forever. Months and years passed and nothing has changed. I met a lot of people and tried to find in them that missing part of me. I am here again, sitting in front of the same place, with my bag and no one beside me. I am still in the same place and nothing has changed. I still find peace in my loneliness and nothing else but my loneliness. Too many voices around me, warm hearts and people who love me. But I love them…

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The Forgotten Unity Arts 

The Forgotten Unity

Doug had been on the spaceship for several weeks.  On Earth, he had been part of what people called “the 1 percent”.  He never had to struggle in his life, but now he found himself bored as could be all alone on a spaceship heading to Artemis, a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri.  The ship was running on an antimatter engine.  It took him to the colony in just under 90 days—an amount of time unprecedented to people of the 21st century.  The journey there was especially hard for him because…

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Guilt Features 


It’s that article. Guilt; A five-letter word that in one moment or another makes us feel bad. According to The Collins Dictionary, there are two types of guilt, when there are in fact five. According to Psychology Today, there is guilt for something you did, for something you didn’t do but want to, something you think you did, not doing enough to help someone and for doing better than someone else. All of these points are forms of guilt. More tips on how to handle these types of guilt are…

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Happy Strolls Around Vanier Vanier Alumni 

Happy Strolls Around Vanier

As an alumna of Vanier, it is my pleasure to contribute to the final issue of the Insider this semester with my reflection on my last visits to my alma mater. During this period of waiting for the arrival of a dear one to come to my side, I have been volunteering every morning at the West Montreal Rehabilitation Centre (WMRC) on the 1st floor in the A-Building. Old memories of Ashley and I come across my mind as I step into the workshop every morning, at 9 o’clock sharp,…

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Five Finals Tips Campus 

Five Finals Tips

Failing a test doesn’t make you a failure. Don’t let a failing mark define who you are. Some goals are just harder to achieve than others, but that doesn’t make you any less capable of accomplishing them. Brush yourself off and try again. You may have lost this round, but at least you’ve gained experience. SLEEP, PLEASE. Getting a proper amount of sleep improves memory retention. Those all-nighters may not be as rewarding as you may think. They can do more harm than good, especially to your overall sleeping patterns….

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