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Mexico Has Hope

Mexico. Has. Hope.


Holy s***.


After so many years of oppression and violence, Mexico has a sliver of a ray of hope. IN THEIR HANDS. The candidate of choice may actually be chosen, and with the person, a change in regime will take place.


For too many years to count, Mexico has been under a dictatorship. With the pretext of a free democracy, the political party PRI has held an iron hold on Mexican freedom. This regimen changed when the political party PAN came into power for six years, but compared to the time the PRI has been in power, it is nothing. The country has had its natural resources sold to external companies who look for profit in a capitalist society. The number of injustices is too many to count, and the horror of the repression in the country is greater than my imagination.


In the latest dirty play of the “debate” of presidential candidates, the candidate of choice evaded as best as he could a humiliating question. This gave him the definitive advantage of twenty points when a questioner asked the people of who would you vote for: A, B, C or D? According to political specialists, the election is already decided: the candidate with these points will win the election. This is the small elastic hope that Mexico has. Notice how I described the hope as elastic because this hope can be easily corrupted by the people in power. But in the defense of what I have written, this statistic of twenty points has never happened in Mexican history AS FAR AS I KNOW.




A change in the regime where Mexico will be more prosperous than it is now, that is if external forces don’t damage Mexico first. This first of July, Mexicans take their stance! I encourage Mexicans to vote for a new change in regime!



Written By: Isabel Cerc

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