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The Vanier Muslim Student Association Club Campus 

The Vanier Muslim Student Association Club

The Muslim Student Association, or MSA Vanier is a club run by Muslim students at Vanier College where all Vanier students get together to pray and learn more about the Islamic religion. It is the oldest students’ association club at Vanier. The club is located in B-520 and it is opened to all the students who want to pray during the day. Executive members are present in the room during the week from Monday until Friday, 8-6:00. Anass Jerroumi is the coordinator who organizes Friday prayers. There are two Friday prayers; the first one starts at 1:15 and is about 20 minutes long, and the second prayer starts at 2:20 and finishes at 2:45. About 10 to 15 students come to Friday prayers. Anass says, “We all have to help each other even if we have a different religion”.

While praying, sisters have their own side in the room where they can pray together and brothers take the other side of the room. After praying, they have a discussion about some topics in their religion. Maria is the event coordinator in the MSA club, and they are currently planning to have a few events before the end of the semester. They want to have a bake sale where all the money they get will go to charity. They have once raised approximately $500 from having a bake sale. The money goes to Islamic Relief Canada, an organization that helps people from all around the world and provides them with their basic needs.

The MSA club would also like to spread information about the Islamic world. They would like to have an Islamic awareness day at Jake’s café where they will have quizzes and books about Islam, and information about Muslim women in science. Winners could get brownies or a free book. The MSA will also prepare Halal dogs for the VCSA event at the end of the semester.

The club is opened to all students from different religions and welcomes any student who is curious about the Islamic religion. Their goal is to show a positive image of Muslims, contrary to the one in media. MSA Vanier club could be found on Facebook where they share videos and documentaries about Islam. The club welcomes all Vanier College students at any time during the week. Check out room B-520 if you’re interested!


Written By: Lara Kaafarani

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