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Untitled Arts 


I live in a box I’ve adapted to all its edges Taking its form I am trapped in its shape, Contained. In here, I am safe, Yet alone Solitude so bitter I am stone cold I am tired of holding myself together I want to break free, But I do not want to shatter, I want to melt So I long for a warm embrace To render me shapeless   I am that person you never see As if I had a talent of invisibility All I want is for…

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Trust Only Your Sisters Arts 

Trust Only Your Sisters

They will make you feel guilty for feeling so deeply, for loving too much. They will teach you to hate your body, how to aim and shoot at your own scars. You will have to learn how to tame your heart, how to bring down all the layers of your skin, how to mold them into one. Calm the voice inside of you; push back the waves, the ocean that forms your entire being. Forget them, forget the noise, forget the target they embroidered onto your back, the one that…

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The One That Got Away Arts 

The One That Got Away

He left I stayed back Wearing a mask made from pain, and grief from morning to night Choking from all that wasted time, energy and potential The potential to grow together as a couple To travel the world and learn from each other We have clearly both moved on but still… He is probably flying from country to country with her fingers intertwined in his While I still here in this chair old as time and reminiscing about a simpler time Well.. it was simple in my head When I…

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