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President of The VCSA Resigns (UPDATE) News 

President of The VCSA Resigns (UPDATE)

On the morning of February 27th 2018, the president of the VCSA Whi Kweon Kang resigned from his position. He handed in his resignation which cited various reasons as to why he chose to leave his post, such as his “lack of responsibility” and his “failure to assist the Executive Council to its best of capabilities”. Whi added that he “enjoyed his time at VCSA immensely” and that he’s grateful for the lessons he’s learned over the past year as part of the VCSA. Internal Affairs Officer of the VCSA…

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Purgatorio Gallery Exhibition Campus 

Purgatorio Gallery Exhibition

On February 14th, 2018, The Henry Lehmann Gallery in Vanier College unveiled its first exhibition of the semester. Communications students Matty Gavarrette, Adam Karagiannis, Gabriela Alvarado Lopez, Janier Lontoc, Valérie Nault, Joe Carlo Romero and Hannah Shammas collaborated to create this amazing exhibition. The curators of this exhibition were Vanier students Cristina Athina Mignacca and Annalisa Cogo of the Henry Lehmann Gallery Committee. Purgatorio is the title of this exhibition, which makes a not so subtle nod to the Mount of Purgatory; i.e. the seven deadly sins, from Dante’s Divine…

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VCSA Student Involvement Scholarship Ceremony Campus 

VCSA Student Involvement Scholarship Ceremony

On January 26, Zenith Ismaeel Neyaz, Benjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner, and Gerald Nino received the VCSA Student Involvement Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to full-time students at Vanier College who were involved in the VCSA community. They received a certificate and a $500 scholarship in a ceremony that was held in the VCSA office. All the three volunteers have dedicated their time during the fall semester in 2017 to get involved in their community. Gerald Nino who is the photo club president worked on having the art exhibition in Jake’s. He is…

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Filthy Frank – The End of An Era Entertainment 

Filthy Frank – The End of An Era

Filthy Frank is the YouTuber behind characters such as Pink Guy, Salamander Man, and Chin Chin just to mention a few. Perhaps the most famous of his characters was Pink Guy, and his music album “Pink Season” reached the Billboard top 100 chart in early 2017. George “Joji” Miller is the mastermind behind the Filthy Frank character, and he released an official statement on his Twitter account on December 29th stating that he is leaving comedy for good, due to health conditions and a lack of passion. George is now…

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Does Money And Fame Come With a Higher Price Tag In South Korea? Features 

Does Money And Fame Come With a Higher Price Tag In South Korea?

The world was shaken when the news of Korean pop star Kim Jonghyun had committed suicide. He died after a long struggle with depression. The 27-year-old singer wrote in his farewell letter; “I am broken from inside, the depression that had been slowly eating me up finally devoured me and I couldn’t defeat it”. In fact, his cries of help were not taken seriously by those surrounding him, but even the best psychologists in the country ignored his symptoms. The lead singer of popular boy band SHINee wrote that his…

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#Justice For Zainab News 

#Justice For Zainab

On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, news had broken out about the rape and murder of an 8-year-old Pakistani girl. Zainab Ansari’s brutal and inhuman murder fueled the spark to a worldwide revolution, the people erupting in protests and demanding for justice to be served not just to Zainab’s family but to the 12 other cases of child rape in the city of Kasur which remain to be solved. Young Zainab’s parents had left the country in order to perform Islamic pilgrimage, leaving her under the protection of relatives and family….

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Dis-Abilities Campus 


Just dance. Gonna be ok. Do do da da. Just dance.    The MC got the event started with some inspiring words: “No excuses, no limits”. He says it motivated him, and I am paraphrasing, in his dark days. The rules were simple: voice your likes or dislikes on the dancer performing. All the dancers had unique dance styles. For example, the first dancer  had tricks up his sleeve, the second had robotic dance moves. One dancer who had  crutches stood on them and performed tricks on them. And that was just the beginning of the event. Break-dancing is self-expression…

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Vanier’s First Annual Black History Month Fashion Show Campus 

Vanier’s First Annual Black History Month Fashion Show

On Wednesday, February 21st during universal break, Vanier College celebrated Black History Month with a fashion show organized by Vanier’s own Catherine Dorcas Boateng, who is the creator of The Council of Black Fashion. The event showcased black men’s and women’s fashion throughout the decades, from the 1940’s to present day. There was also traditional African dress showcased. Who were the models? They were none other than Vanier’s own students from the black community. There was not only great fashion to find on the runway in Jake’s Mall; there was…

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Justin Trudeau’s Indian Blunder News 

Justin Trudeau’s Indian Blunder

You may have all seen the numerous photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family in flashy colourful Indian dresses, if not, then you’re probably living under a rock because it made news headlines around the world. These photos were taken in India, where the prime minister was embarked on an official diplomatic mission. But it wasn’t just the colorful dresses that made the news, it was the trip itself that many observers might have found peculiar. Why would that be, isn’t it normal for politician to go on…

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