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VCSA Student Involvement Scholarship Ceremony Campus 

VCSA Student Involvement Scholarship Ceremony

On January 26, Zenith Ismaeel Neyaz, Benjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner, and Gerald Nino received the VCSA Student Involvement Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to full-time students at Vanier College who were involved in the VCSA community. They received a certificate and a $500 scholarship in a ceremony that was held in the VCSA office. All the three volunteers have dedicated their time during the fall semester in 2017 to get involved in their community. Gerald Nino who is the photo club president worked on having the art exhibition in Jake’s. He is currently planning to make a bigger gallery, which allows more people from the Vanier community to get involved. Benjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner was the editor in chief of the VCSA Insider and the president of Gamers club. He dedicated many hours to work on the students’ newspaper, where he wrote articles and worked on InDesign. Zenith Ismaeel Neyaz is a DJ executive, he was a general executive in VCSA last semester, and Zenith is also a first aid provider in Vanier First Aid Team. Zenith said, “Being part of extracurricular activities is not detrimental to schooling and most importantly your education, but rather forges you into a well-rounded individual such as myself, who is able to manage his stress, time, workload, and overcome all obstacles while being involved in extracurricular.”  These dedicated and inspiring students proved that they deserve to receive the VCSA Scholarship as they continue to volunteer and improve the Vanier community.


Written By: Lara Kaafarani

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