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Dis-Abilities Campus 


Just dance. Gonna be ok. Do do da da. Just dance. 


The MC got the event started with some inspiring words: “No excuses, no limits”. He says it motivated him, and I am paraphrasing, in his dark days. The rules were simple: voice your likes or dislikes on the dancer performing. All the dancers had unique dance styles. For example, the first dancer  had tricks up his sleeve, the second had robotic dance moves. One dancer who had  crutches stood on them and performed tricks on them. And that was just the beginning of the event. Break-dancing is self-expression in the hip-hop culture. The program included a dance battle with dancers choosing a disability for more creative dancing and a slide show of the best dancers with ill-abilities was shown. One video at the end made breakdancing seem poetic.  

My favorite part was at the end of the event. Students were invited to dance with the dancers. One of them was Eric, who is part of the Dance Club here at Vanier.  


Dancers who enjoyed themselves immensely:  

  • Luca “Lazy Legz” Patuelli 
  • Paulo “Stallion” 
  • Michelle “Twister” 
  • Melissa “Melly Mearell” 
  • Mat “Rolo” 
  • Victor “Vicious” 
  • David “DVD” 
  • Martin “Eclipse” 


Written by: Sara Rebeca Palacios

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