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The One That Got Away Arts 

The One That Got Away

He left I stayed back Wearing a mask made from pain, and grief from morning to night Choking from all that wasted time, energy and potential The potential to grow together as a couple To travel the world and learn from each other We have clearly both moved on but still… He is probably flying from country to country with her fingers intertwined in his While I still here in this chair old as time and reminiscing about a simpler time Well.. it was simple in my head When I…

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Proverbs Arts 


i  hope to be like you sometime, someday where i hold my head high no matter what may come my way   i see a lot in you what could be in me steadfastness, gracefulness always at ease   the way you walk the way you talk being grounded but not stuck   not quick to anger or tears who can be all ears   someone who stands by her word   someone who makes her needs heard   without hesitation or agitation who has the room at her attention…

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3 Days Arts 

3 Days

I know life goes on and time waits for no one The moment we are up there is something that needs to be done and sometimes even re-done. Now what if all that was to come to a halt one day? Your usual check-up with the family physician turned into something dreary? He does not welcome you with his usual smile but frowns at you instead Looks over at the small sheets of paper in his hands and quickly leaves the room To have an elderly nurse come in and…

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Home Arts 


I really want to get away Why even should I stay In a house of people I am alone What if went out on my own Yearning for anywhere but here I’ll do it without a hint of fear I’m over this imprisoned life The name is Freedom she’ll be my wife Here I stand, I have done it My old life, I say fuck it I’m finding out what the world’s about Now that I’ve finally gotten out It’s been a while now since I left I have this…

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The Notion of Light Arts 

The Notion of Light

Perception is everything my dear. Stop gazing into the broken mirror freckled with spit and blood. There’s much more to it than that; The appetite, the wishful thinking, skipping stones and late night drinking. Peer behind your rib, what do you see? The beating heart? Perhaps a thing that’s aching? A jagged thump thump thump, why, could it be breaking? Look lower now, what are you consuming? survival methods, choked down laughter and fruit that’s bruising. Do you dream? Do you dream soft and tender with flowers blooming? Take what…

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Clouded Thoughts Arts 

Clouded Thoughts

Photo By: Rupert Makie   Clouded Thoughts Venture forth, and explore these emotions, they go a long way The clouds have hovered through my mind since the very first day This fog is unpredictable, as the skies weep No matter what I think about, it’s hard to sleep You’ll ask me how I am, is the answer “okay”? ‏ Like an unstable dancer, I’ll often move without grace But I’ve resolved to keep on moving at my own pace The future is approaching with a wistful embrace When weeks are filled…

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Of Queens And Pain Arts 

Of Queens And Pain

The sorrow and pitch of the howling bale Tears my soul apart As I whisper to myself under the hood, the midnight’s veil: ‏ O, Queen of love Queen of pleasure My kingdom offered and your King in measure ‏ And with grace such Beneath the white moon that bends my sorrows and filled misery A heart, bleeding, in ruins I beg, fancy these words echoed from my welling heart Within the white that wends Weaved from my soul and strewn and with bared countenancy with love and grace, eternally…

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