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Layers Arts 


Every day wake up my face in the mirror  Cover your skin like the beauty they gave you is your sin It’s your honour they keep saying Your pride, your treasure your everything But this treasure is too heavy to bear The layers are choking, I am gasping for air I can’t breathe with the controlling stares Stares that search for a bare square and judge you for what you wear Am I a human or a treasure? Choosing between approval and freedom And choosing to be loved over the…

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A Lost Hero Arts 

A Lost Hero

Twenty-four hours in this dark room Skin paler than my imagination fume Eyes darker than a black charm when it blooms Smelling ghostly it’s just my new perfume Same clothes, they can be my new costume The costume of a hero that could never exist Since it was hold prisoner in my head The two can’t coexist The thoughts in my head are making the threat Freedom he’s asking Let me live the dream, why are you holding me back? if I don’t get out we shall both crack the…

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Confused Heart Arts 

Confused Heart

Approximately after 2yrs of healing, not allowing myself to fall in love or to get hurt at any point. I felt that I was ready to be out there, but not quite; I gave myself 6 months before the year ended with discovering if I was really ready. Months passed by so quickly in the snap of a finger until 3 months before 2021 ended. I met you while being out with a friend. At first, I didn’t think of anything out of it; it was just a regular day….

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Tenille Arts Girl to Girl – Powerful Album with Powerful Messages Entertainment 

Tenille Arts Girl to Girl – Powerful Album with Powerful Messages

Ever since the world got to know the talented Tenille Arts, the Saskatchewan-born country singer has never failed to amaze the audience with her gorgeous voice and emotionally charged lyrics. Her third album, Girl to Girl, is no exception. Compared to Rebel Child and Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between, Girl to Girl adds an extra charm by sharing listeners a taste of personal life lessons. According to Taste of Country, Tenille Arts’ third album collects personal memories and experiences. The tracks featured in Girl to Girl have been placed…

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A word for the nurses Features 

A word for the nurses

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking across Jake’s and it was then I came across the nursing department hosting their November Wellness Challenge and their pop-in clinic.  We heard all those thanks from our communities to all the healthcare professionals who have been battling in our hospitals against COVID-19. Those words are becoming music to my ears until I’ve met the nursing students at Vanier. When these students took my blood pressure and calculated my BMI, I learned that many of them went out to help the healthcare…

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What is Bill 2? Voices 

What is Bill 2?

On October 21st, the Quebec Government tabled Bill 2 proposed by Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette. This bill came with many backlashes, essentially being called the most transphobic bill ever proposed. Basically, the bill would change the civil code and allow only transgender people who undergo gender-affirming surgery to file a request to change their sex on their birth certificate. While on November 8th, the bill dropped this so-called requirement after immense backlash, the fact that it was ever proposed is still a problem. Let’s talk stats. According to a report…

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2021 Quebec municipal elections – Historic Night for Women and the New Generation News 

2021 Quebec municipal elections – Historic Night for Women and the New Generation

On November 7, 2021, Quebecers across the province went to the polls to choose who shall run their cities and municipalities for the next four years. With many heavyweights retiring from municipal politics, this election paved the way for new political breakthroughs across the province. Montreal – Plante re-elected Incumbent Montreal mayor Valérie Plante was re-elected with 52.1% of the vote. Plante was first elected in 2017 and became the first woman to serve as mayor of the metropolis. Her party, Projet Montréal, is projected to win a majority of…

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Vanier Women’s Soccer Team Division 1 are National Champions! Campus 

Vanier Women’s Soccer Team Division 1 are National Champions!

The Cheetahs are #1 in the country!! Yes, the Vanier College Women’s Soccer Team Division 1 is number 1 in Canada, winning gold in the 2021 Women’s Soccer National Championship.   A big congrats to the Vanier Women’s Soccer Team Division 1 on their huge victory in winning the National Champions! On November 13, our Women’s Soccer Team Division 1 defeated the Dynamiques de Sainte-Foy, from CEGEP Sainte-Foy, in the CCAA National Championship Game. The Cheetahs won with a final score of 3-0 in the gold medal match and gained the…

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Women’s Self Defense Workshop and Vanier Art Hive Activities Campus 

Women’s Self Defense Workshop and Vanier Art Hive Activities

Hey Vanier Students, there are plenty of workshops and activities for you to attend on Campus! There will be a Women’s Self Defense Workshop, and The Vanier Art Hive has some fun activities organized for you. Student Services has organized a Women’s Self Defense Workshop. The workshop is to empower our female students and give them the tools they need to protect themselves. The workshop will be provided by Sasha Reece, a Martial artist who has 20+ years of experience in Karate and Kung Fu. She is also a First-Degree…

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