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Apple Crumble Recipe Entertainment 

Apple Crumble Recipe

It’s fall season, so that means apple season! It’s time to go apple picking and make all things apple flavoured. Apple crumbles are one of my favourite apple desserts to make because they are so easy to make. So here is a recipe for the best apple crumble! Enjoy. 🙂 Apple Crumble Recipe Time: ~ 10 – 20 mins. Prep. ~ 30 – 40 mins. Bake Temp.: 375 degrees c. Yields: 1 large apple crumble Ingredients: Filling: 7 – 8 peeled apples (I use Cortland) 2 tbsp. of lemon juice…

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Do you want to enjoy your Halloween night, but you’re a scaredy-cat *cough* like me *cough* or simply don’t want to be hiding beneath the covers during the entire movie? I got you! Here are some of my favourite animated Halloween movies that you will surely love! The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Monster House (2006) Coraline (2009) Hotel Transylvania (2012) Paranorman (2012) Monsters, Inc. (2001) Corpse Bride (2005) The Addams Family (2019) Frankenweenie (2012) Gnome Alone (2017) By Kaycee Cua

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The True Meaning of Halloween: Interesting Facts about Halloween Origins and Traditions Features 

The True Meaning of Halloween: Interesting Facts about Halloween Origins and Traditions

Between the joy of receiving candy to the fear of scary teenagers roaming the streets, Halloween combines many traditions, ideas, and feelings. It may be hard to believe that Halloween is a Christian holiday despite the zombies, witches, demons, and inevitable Squid Game costumes. And yet! Halloween stems from religious beliefs, as it was called All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints Day Eve, an expression coined by the Church. However, it would be unfair to give them full credit for the holiday: similarly to a favourite of the season, Halloween…

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Love Can Kill Spook the Insider 

Love Can Kill

A shrill cry echoed in the mist… “Sarah, hurry up!” I yell at my sister, Francesca. She has been in her room getting dressed for our camping trip for hours. Can you believe it? For our CAMPING trip! However, I’m not surprised. She always overdresses for every single event ever since we were younger. She and I are complete opposites. She’s the typical popular girl who has thousands of friends, plays on the volleyball team and has a boyfriend (who I dislike). In contrast, I am an outcast. I barely…

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Halloween Activities on Campus and More! Campus 

Halloween Activities on Campus and More!

Hey, Vanier Students! Are you ready to celebrate Halloween on Campus? Get excited because Vanier Student Life, VCSA, and Vanier MEDLIFE have organized many fun activities for you!!  The VCSA organizes multiple Halloween activities and events on Campus. On October 25th, there will be a pumpkin stress ball giveaway at the VCSA Office C-214. On October 26th, there will be Halloween cookies at the VCSA Office C-214. On October 27th, the VCSA organized a pumpkin carving contest that will be happening during UB in the tent between the D &…

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Find the right piece Arts 

Find the right piece

Lilia closed her eyes. The bus was loaded with people returning from work. Even if it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was shining bright, and it was so hot that it was difficult to breathe. People were sweating and standing very close to each other like sardines in a can. The passengers were very quiet, probably tired of the hot weather that hit Montreal. The only sound that Lilia could hear was the ringing of the buzzer. The grass was yellow, burned by the sun, the trees…

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